Passion Fit is a Cheltenham based Performance and Accomplishment Coaching business that offers a variety of services to a diverse group of people. Particularly specialising in, but not limited to, triathlon.

We offer goal specific, performance and accomplishment coaching for all levels of fitness, including complete beginners, elite athletes, as well as providing specialist support for those who are more vulnerable and less confident. Or simply a community to be part of to support your triathlon training.

The Passion Fit Vision:

Individualised accomplishment through community relatedness

Passion Fit Mission Statement:  

We develop an individuals ability to choose a path to accomplishment as part of their Passion Fit community journey. How do we do this? 

  1. Develop individuals understanding of what accomplishment means to them, by creating an awareness of their true internal motivators. 
  2. Build and sustain an inclusive and supportive community of individuals who are as engaged and committed to each other’s journeys as they are their own. 
  3. Encourage ownership, autonomy and accountability by building confidence through competence. 
  4. Measure accomplishment relative to the individuals start point and potential, not relative to others. 
  5. Remove belief limitations by developing knowledge, understanding and intuition. 
  6. Show individuals how to sustain a balanced inner state by helping them understand how different factors contribute to the way they think, feel and act. 
  7. Improve an individual’s awareness of their response to change (big or small), so they can continue to make the most of the opportunities available, even if the world around them is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. 
  8. Develop individual’s self-awareness through an openness to challenge themselves, as well as ask for valuable feedback to support their journey towards self-betterment. 
  9. Ensure individuals understand how to identify and act on the controllable and influenceable factors they experience while learning to be less or unaffected by factors outside of their control. 
  10. Outline how individuals can prioritise their daily, weekly and monthly tasks to maximise the time available to them. 
  11. Provide a framework to help individuals create precise and value adding goals that are underpinned by their what & why and aligned with their version of accomplishment. 
  12. Show individuals how to sustain a high level of coachability and effective two-way communication with their coach/mentor. 
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