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Well what I can possibly say about Passion Fit Studio that does this place justice? I really don’t think I can!

I met Tom by co-incidence. I heard the news that there was this guy creating a team full of the best triathletes in town. I met Tom, the head coach of Passion Fit Studio outside a different exercise progamme I was following. Asking him back back in March/April 2016 whether he could help my swim ahead of doing my first ever Ironman he didn’t hesitate. We met for a consultation to review my goals and ambitions and that’s where it all started.

I am a complete beginner at this game. I’ve never done more a few sprints and a couple of relays at Olympic distance. I picked a challenge in picking to do an Ironman and didn’t really know what I was signing up to to be honest. Tom helped set me straight with a detailed and dynamic plan that was set around me, my time and my goals.

Meeting weekly Tom coached me in a local swimming pool before moving to the endless pool where I really made significant gains in my swim technique.

Once on top of my swim, we turned to the run aspect and we set about developing a plan on how to tackle it. I had never ran over 10km before. Off I went and followed his plan. We had a few sessions on the bike, again developing a plan and sticking to it.

Last weekend I completed my first ever Ironman. Plan A was to finish. Plan B was to try and hit 15 hours. I crossed the line in 13:45. I don’t know where or if I would have finished if it wasn’t for Passion Fit Studio. Yes I had to put the hours in and I was helped by others too but it is all down to Passion Fit Studio for helping me be fit enough but also getting my game plan sorted for the big day.

You cannot go wrong with Passion Fit Studio

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