Steve L

Hi,my name is Steve Linton and I’ve been a runner for the last 3 & half years and thought I needed a change in sport direction. At the start of the year i signed up to Liverpool standard distance triathlon in August with not a clue in what was needed to finish.

At the start of July i thought OH what have i entered into as i couldn’t swim more than 25 metres yes 25 metres without getting out of breath,i was giving Tom Wards contact number and after a couple days of thinking about it i gave him a call,we met at the CLC swimming pool and yes i was nervous about the whole thought but after just listening to Tom and him breaking it down i started to believe that i could achieve this GOAL.

My first lesson he got me in the pool and just broke the whole element of swimming down so that i could take it all in and at the end of that session i could swim around 200 meters with out stopping YES i was still out of breath,the following week he got me in the Endless Pool at his studio and started to doing some tech work I.E stroke/breathing and positioning of my head.

4 weeks later

Picture this,I’m at Liverpool standard distance triathlon standing at the dock side thinking am i going to be able swim 1500 metres in open water ???? when i couldn’t swim 25 metres 4 weeks ago,31 minutes later i achieve something that i thought i could seriously not do so for that i would like to THANK TOM WARD (Passion Fit Coaching) for the coaching that he gave me.

If your in doubt give him a call and you will succeed.

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