Lepha Mccartan – April 2020

It’s actually really hard to put into words just how much Passion Fit means to me and how much it adds to my life but I’ll try!

If I’m honest, I don’t think I really understood what accomplishment/performance (delete as appropriate!) coaching was initially but with the help & guidance of coaches Tom & Loren, I’ve gone from a frustrated runner who constantly felt like a failure for not living up to my own expectations, to an accomplished & happy triathlete who has learnt to measure success based on my own potential & not others. 

For me, the single biggest thing that’s changed as a result of the Passion Fit coaching is my mindset – how I view myself, how I approach my training, how I deal with challenges/setbacks but most importantly, how I measure success & accomplishment. 

The improvements I’ve seen in my performance have come not only as a result of these but also from the amazing community of athletes within Passion Fit I’m lucky enough to train with. I can honestly say that without their support, willingness to challenge me and also share their knowledge, I would not have achieved what I have to date…it definitely wouldn’t have been so much fun either! 

I’d be lying if I said it had all been plain sailing though as there have been tough times & difficult decisions to make, however, accepting that these are part of the journey & knowing that the community around you are there to help makes those times bearable and ultimately a valuable learning experience. The acronym T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More couldn’t be more true 😊

From non-swimmer 12months ago to completing my first 70.3 IM in October and swimming 4K freestyle sets today, I wouldn’t have dared to imagine this was possible before joining Passion Fit. If you’ve ever wondered what you’re really capable of & are willing to challenge yourself and try then get in touch with them. Like for me, it may be the best decision you make 😊

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