Having done triathlon for five years and been successful in my age group I thought I knew what direction I was going in. When I met Tom Ward and became part of Team Passion Fit this all changed. I’ve now learnt a whole new meaning to structured and more efficient training. I was already a proficient swimmer however, Tom has facilitated my thought process to come up with specific individualised goals to focus on, that have improved my swimming further. The same applies of my cycling. Tom’s coaching technique is scientifically driven as well as taking into account individual differences, providing a perfect combination for success in each of the three disciplines and combined. Alongside this is the added bonus of being part of a tight knit community both within the team and with “passion fit friends”. Being part of such a community is inspirational and motivational at the same time. I would highly recommend dipping your toe in the water, pushing down on the pedal or stepping forward on foot whether you are a novice or experienced athlete in the Passion Fit way.

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