Carmen Powell – March 2020

My triathlon journey started around a year ago. I hadn’t ridden a bike for around 15 years and couldn’t swim front crawl. I was lucky enough to have Loren recommended to me as a coach and I’m so glad she agreed to take on coaching me. She has provided me with all the support and guidance I have needed as a completely novice triathlete. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly as a coach! 

More recently I have also been attending group swim and run sessions with many of the passion fit athletes. These sessions have mainly been coached by Tom. I feel attending these group sessions has  added great value to my personal journey as an athlete as I have leant a lot through watching others and further peer support. Having access to training with the Passion Fit team has been amazing! 

I’m so lucky to have come across such a welcoming, friendly and inclusive community in Passion Fit. Tom and Loren should be incredibly proud of what they have created.

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