Tom was recommended to me as a swimming coach from a friend and I didn’t drown so that’s worth 5 stars in itself.
On a serious note I left my swim training for my first sprint triathlon right to the last minute, I only had 2 weeks and could only really swim freestyle for about 50 metres before burning out. Toms coaching style was perfect, simple and very goal driven, (that goal being to complete a 400m swim in under 2 weeks). He didn’t spend all the time trying to deconstruct my stroke he worked on a few keys elements and built a plan to achieve the goal explaining how we can take the training on once this goal is achieved, which is very refreshing in a coach. This has resulted in just 3 sessions from me struggling to swim anything over 50m to now being able to swim a KM over the session and 400m straight off. A distance I quite frankly was worried about not being able to finish without resorting to breaststroke in my triathlon. I can’t wait to carry on working with him to help me develop my technique and training on my journey into triathlon.

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