I first heard of Tom and Passion Fit Coaching through a friend of mine Andy Maxted. I work with Andy and I was always in awe of his weekend activities and training regime where I heard all about Tom and Passion Fit coaching. Personally I have done many sports to a reasonably high standard including Rugby, Football, Crossfit, Athletics and Mixed martial Arts, but was piling on weight and getting unfit, with no real goals.

Then one of the best things happened to me, I tiled the floor around Toms endless pool. As soon as I walked in I was bitten, his welcoming personality, professionalism and knowledge in sport was like a breath of fresh air and opened the door to a new challenge, Triathlon! There was only one problem, I couldn’t swim and at 16 and half stone with big legs I was not convinced I ever would, but Tom was!

Tom agreed to coach me and 8 lessons later the results are remarkable, I’ve gone from struggling to do one length and being scared of the deep end to competing in my first ever triathlon in 3 weeks’ time, swimming 400m and gone from 16.7 stone to 14.10! I’ve been coached by lots of people from lots of sports and I can quite honestly say that Tom is one of the best, his calm, positive attitude is quite inspiring and his in depth knowledge into sports science reassures you that you are in the right hands.

One other reason for the success of Passion Fit Coaching is the family of athletes that surround it, they inspire me every day, the constant achievements, support and team spirit is something that I hope to stay involved with for a very long time and is quite honestly infectious.

Going forward I am hoping to be able to work closely with Tom on a much more intense coaching programme, with my next goal being the London Triathlon in July next year, to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and also set me up to start to compete competitively.

I would highly recommend Passion Fit Coaching to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.

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